• Cleaning can be effected by spraying or applying any household mild detergent / Soap OR window cleaner on the ceiling surface then wiping it with a clean soft cloth.
  • For heavy smoke stains, steam cleaning is recommended to be applied by specialized personnel.
  • Do not use thinner / turpentine OR similar chemicals, as it will damage the finish.
  • Removing and reinstalling the ceilings should only be effected by companies specialized in ceiling installations.

Maintenance Details


All Matador standard tiles are packed in cartons, which must be stored no more than four cartons high. They must be stacked the correct way up (i.e same direction as the label, upright) and must be kept in a dry storage area.

Marconi will not accept claims for damage to materials caused by incorrect site storage. Insulation pad when used with suspended ceilings is generally supplied wrapped either in black polythene bags or aluminium foil depending upon the specification requirements. Particular care should be taken when moving cartons by hand. Weights of cartons vary depending upon tile types and sizes, therefore some cartons will require more than one person to carry them.


Immediately after installation of the ceiling we would recommend that any dirt or finger marks be removed with a clean dry cloth. Particular care should be taken with low gloss tiles, as finger marks are more difficult to remove.

Continual rubbing of the surface of low gloss tiles can cause an increase in the gloss level where this is carried out. Gloves are therefore recommended for installation of these tiles. Care should be taken when handling cut tiles and gridwork where sharp edges may be left.


Where wrapped insulation pads are used in conjunction with perforated tiles, care should be taken to ensure that they are in uniform contact with the rear face of the tile. Pattern staining may occur after a period of time if pads are not correctly positioned, particularly after tiles are removed and replaced for maintenance.

Tape sealing of cut pads is recommended to prevent fibre migration in areas requiring a dust free environment. Tape sealing of insulation pads into tiles is at the discretion of the ceiling specifier.


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