• The Self-Support ceiling systems are both beautifully simple and functional.
  • They require no suspension other than the edge trims at the walls on which they lay. lt is an ideal system for corridors, hallways and areas where the soffit is low and services light fittings, air-conditioning and ventilation grills as well as fire fighting systems are required.
  • The Self-Support 200/300 consists of aluminum or galvanized steel panels with a thickness of 0.7 & 0.55mm respectively. They come in lengths up to 3000mm, providing a 200 or 300mm module when erected.
  • The panels are stove enameled in the basic white colour. Special colours can also be supplied.
  • These ceilings can be supplied in both plain and perforated forms.
  • The perforated form consists of 1.8mm diameter holes in a Z pattern with 19% open area.
  • These ceilings offer a high coefficient of sound absorption upon installation using Rockwool backing.

Typical Areas of Application

  • Corridors

  • Pathways

  • Toilets & Bathrooms

  • Offices

  • Kitchens



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