Suspension System

Matador Modular system provides a high specification solution that combines flexibility with a highly engineered product capable of addressing even the most complex of ceilings designs. The Beam sections are arranged in one or two directions to create a modular ceiling effect, and are used to support the ceiling panels, light fittings and partition tracks. Beams can be produced to a variety of widths, and many module sizes can be accommodated. The modules can be infilled with either a single mega panel, or a number of smaller panels to create the desired ceiling effect.


a. Durability: Matador Modular metal ceilings are made from steel or stainless steel, ensuring a long life span and requiring minimal maintenance.
b. Quality: Marconi Metal Manufacturing is a quality endorsed company, certified as complying with an ISO 9001:2008
c. Accessibility: Matador Modular ceiling system can be easily mounted and demounted, allowing full access to above-ceiling services.
d. Flexibility: Integration of service like lighting and air conditioning can be easily integrated into the system. Moreover, partition walls of various
    designs can be situated under the beams, relocated or removed afterwards.
e. Environmental Benefits:
- Acoustic control, the combination of using perforated metal panels with non-woven tissue ensures superior sound absorption.
- Matador Modular metal suspended ceilings are classified incombustible and will therefore not contribute to possible fires.
- Material is recyclable and made up of 50% to 80% recycled content.

Typical Areas of Application

  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Offices

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