MATADOR® aluminium exterior ceilings, type 200F / 300F

Material Specification

200, 300 mm wide, 17 mm deep, 0,6 and 0,7 mm thick; made of stove enamelled aluminium; polyster paint panel length up to approx, 6m; colours according to RAL colour chart.

34,5 mm wide, 48 mm deep, made of stove enamelled aluminium or steel colour stain black with cut-outs to hold tha panels, module 150, 200 mm

Carrier spans (b)
Before establishing the screw distance of the
stringers the load per lineal metre of carrier is to
be determined by applying:
0,5 q x I for panels on 2 stringers
1,25 q x I for panels on 3 stringers
1,15 q x I for panels on 4 or more stringers in
case of uniformly distributed loads.
The screw distance can then be read from the
graph in the same way as the panel span.
q = wind load in N/m2 (kgf/m2)
I = distance between stringers
_________= pressure
---------- = suction

Note: In the case of corners, roof edges, special designs etc. wind pressure/suction shall be determined with due consideration to the relevant local country's Standard Codes of Building Practice.

Panel spans (c)
From the graph below panel spans in relation to wind load can be calculated.
At 800 N/m2 (80 kgf/m2) the panel span can be 1,18 m, on 3 or more stringers.

Typical Areas of Application

  • Petrol Stations
  • Balconies
  • Terrace
  • Prisons/Security
  • Railway Stations



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