Suspension System
  1. Using a laser, or equivalent, determine ceiling level and secure perimeter edge trim to the wall at 400mm maximum centers.
  2. Wire hangers with butterfly clips to be inserted over the location of the main channels, ensuring sufficient length for fixing.
  3. Secure wire hangers, at 1000mm maximum centers, to the structural soffit using fixings approved by the architect and determined by load and safety factor considerations. The first hangers are to be no more than 300mm from the wall.
  4. Use channel bracket to fix the main channel to the wire hangers, taking care to maintain a perfect level. Each end of main channel runs to be folded back and secured to wall.
  5. Setting out from the center of the room, secure full spring tees to main channels using wire coupling clips, at centers to suit tile modules. Where possible, not less than half tiles should be used at perimeters.
  6. Lengths of full spring tees are to be joined using splice, and allowance for expansion is to be made as necessary. Splices to be made in mid of the tile, i.e. not on the tile joint lines.
  7. Tiles can now be clipped into place, taking care that the pips are correctly located into the bulb of the spring tee.
  8. Cut perimeter tiles must be retained using wedges spaced at 300mm maximum centers.



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