Advantages Of Steel Stud In Wall Construction

Partition Design
The three standard widths of 53, 63 and 73 mm enable a wide variety of partition thickness to be used when clad with 9.5 or 12.5 mm board in single or double layers.

The studs and tracks are rolled from galvanised steel strip to BS 2989. Knurled surface provides a non-slip surface to assist screw entry. Cut outs are provided in the studs at 250mm, 850mm and 1745mm centres. Main feature is the interlocking of the studs, this helps on site when you have a range of variable heights, minimise lengths you have to stock, and waste also boxes to provide additional strength at doorways. The studs are also available in heavy duty gauge, especially for partitions above normal recommended height (contact out technical department for guide). Studs can be supplied cut to lengths to minimise labour time on site.

Quality Construction
Steel stud does not shrink or warp. Its dimensional stability eliminates wall cracks and nail "pops" due to swelling shrinkage. It is an incombustible material.

High strength to weight ratios of these steel members provide design and installation economies through wider permissible spacings, longer spans, greater heights and increased rigidity. Overall wall thicknesses may often be reduced, gaining usable floor space.

Light Weight
The reduced wall weight of steel stud construction compared to masonry or concrete often results in worthwhile savings on footings, foundations and reinforcing requirements.

Steel doesn't burn - - doesn't add to fires. For concealed wiring and services. Standard length 2.7 M, 3.0 M, 3.6 M, and 4.0 M are available.

The steel framing systems permit the use of any interior facing materials or combination of materials. These are adaptable to use in conjunction with plasterboard, wood and masonry elements as required.

Hollow walls furnish a cavity for location of mechanical services, saving the costs and space required for enclosures. Punched openings in the studs speed installation of plumbing and electrical systems by permitting passage of horizontal runs of piping and wiring without cutting chases. Drywall studs are light in weight, easy to handle and install... simplify non-bearing partition construction. Facings are quickly attached with screws. Punchouts in studs make installation of piping and wiring faster than with wood or masonry construction.

Performance (Acoustic)
Gypsum Plasterboard manufacturers have carried out tests on partitions constructed with steel stud framing. Average sound reduction index figures ranging from 33dB to 44.2dB being obtained.

Fire tests have also been carried out resulting in fire protection performances of 1 hr.
Details of Acoustic performances and fire test results of partitions constructed of Gypsum Plasterboard on metal studs can be obtained from the manufacturers of Gypsum Plasterboards.


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