Furring Ceiling System for Gypsum Board - A Quick and easy to install system for gypsum board


Comprises suspended primary channel bearer with furring 'top hat' section attached with performed clips. The furring section forms a battening system on to which gypsum board is screwed using dry wall screws with an electric screwdriver. We recommend our rigid rod adjustable hanger for strength and rigidity.


  • B.S.2994:1976 cold rolled steel sections and
  • B.S.2989:1975 hot dipped galvanized plain steel sheet and coil. For thickness and sizes see components list.
  • Fire resistance is closely linked to the type of boards used. Marconi Ceilings
  • give guidance subject to full details.


Primary channels set at 1.2 meter centers with hanger at 1.2 meter centers - starting no more than 45 mm from wall. Furring sections are set at 600 mm or 450 mm centers depending on thickness and number of layers of boards. Perimeter angle is set on all sides of the ceiling giving a base for gypsum board. Details shown in following sketches.


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