The joints of Main Runners and Cross Tees, or the joints of Cross Tees and Cross Tees are partly overlapped so that it is classified as Overlap type. It is also called "Shock Proof Type" because there are flukes on the connector of the Cross Tees preventing itself from loosening by force.

The grid system is fire rated, with fire controlled expansion provided at each end of the Main Runner. The grid system components formed from hot dipped galvanised steel sheets.

Regal Eliteline is a narrow table exposed grid suspended ceiling system, designed to be used with fine tolerance rebate edge tiles.

The major features that designers and contractors insist are essential for a successful suspended ceiling system are quality materials, reliability, flexibility and ease of fitting.

Regal Eliteline satisfies all these requirements and with the benefit of its recessed face it allows the grid to merge with a matching tile or be highlighted in a different colour to create a striking contrast.

Regal Eliteline is available in mitre jointed system and as a result the ceiling can be designed to provide a unique and distinctive finish.

Regal Eliteline also saves time and effort by using the easily fitted lock system of interlocking main runners and cross tees.


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